First impressions can make or break a buyer’s decision regarding your home. In fact, most people decide within the first few minutes whether or not they are even interested. Follow these useful tips to focus your attention on the most important factors that make an impact on your home’s selling potential.

Landscaping and Exterior

Think picture-perfect from the outside-in. Make sure your lawn and garden are clean and vibrant, the grass is freshly cut and any debris or clutter has been removed from sight. Paint, fix or wash railings, steps, storm windows, exterior doors and screens. Windows should be shiny and smudge-free; dust window sills so they are clean of any dirt.

Interior Repairs

Most buyers willing to pay top dollar want a functional home, not a fixer-upper. Be sure to repair any leaky faucets, toilets or tubs. Clean the furnace room and all machines/equipment. Replace burnt-out light bulbs and faulty switches. Tighten door knobs and hinges, removing dust and cobwebs as you go.

Create a Welcoming Space

Help your buyers feel at home from the moment they walk in. Remove any clutter from the hallways and stairs to enhance the perception of the space. Paint and touch up all ceiling and wall surfaces where necessary. Kitchen counters should be spotless and clear of any clutter. Take special care to ensure that the refrigerator, stove, oven and sink are clean.

Finishing Touches

Bathrooms should be neat, spotlessly clean and fresh. Pay attention to details like replacing any missing grout around the bathtub and scrubbing the grime from between the tiles in the shower. Tidy up closets to make them appear more spacious, keeping in mind that clutter or overcrowded shelves might give the impression of limited storage space. Basements are often neglected, but buyers will notice any odours, cobwebs or untidy corners, so take a little extra time to ensure it’s organized and clean.

Tips and Advice